Project Overview

Italian Restaurant

Flavors, Service, Setting, Company – A restaurant is remarkable when all these elements fall magically into place and memories of the time you spent there pop up days, months, years later. “XVII • Seventeen” is that kind of restaurant, where you can enjoy blissful flavors and colors of Italian cuisine.

XVII • Seventeen

XVII • Seventeen

Brand new Italian Restaurant “XVII • Seventeen” is located on the 17th floor of one of the landmarks of Tbilisi – luxury condominium “King David”. It's a great place to soak up a vibrant atmosphere and enjoy the panoramic views of the city.

Our Chef – Antonio Baratto has been travelling all around Italy, collecting the most authentic Italian recipes which he now brings to Tbilisi – and Voila! Fresh, flavorful, delightfully simple, sun-kissed Italian cuisine is now on your plate.

One of the main challenges while designing “XVII • Seventeen” was to create a space that truly blends with the nature – that’s why the interior is mostly green and decorated with a diverse array of trees and flowers. However, Furniture and other decorative elements bring brighter accents into the design. Music was another source of inspiration - the long copper bar counter, resembling an organ, gives a contemporary feel to nature inspired design.