Project Overview


When passion to excel in design, development, service and quality come together, unique possibilities are born, that will not follow the given standards but will rather lead to creating a brand new way of life.

Project Overview

Project Overview

Two landmark towers King David Residences and King David Business Center are harmonically united in exclusive multifunctional complex King David.

King David creates a five star lifestyle within exceptionally elegant residential and business towers with beautifully designed amenity spaces organized enticingly as multistory urban resort and exclusive collection of specially-designed services.

King David Residences - the tall tower, which contains luxury Residences, has been designed to create a lifestyle of true sophistication. Floor-to-ceiling window walls capture the breathtaking panorama of Tbilisi, allow for abundant natural light and create a sense of tranquility in each and every home.

Each residence will provide inspiration, comfort and empowerment for its residents. This unique full-service condominium residence introduces a new way of living in Tbilisi, merging comfort and convenience to balance the demands of today’s active lifestyles. Residents can spend their days working, relaxing and socializing throughout their own building.

This project offers opportunities for people to live and work in the downtown area, meeting the city's long-term objectives. King David Business Center is built with thoughtful amenities and luxurious conveniences to create the right working environment for business organizations.

King David is a celebration of excellence and innovation, with an estimated completion date of July 2017, which will be architecturally significant addition to the Tbilisi skyline.



King David takes its place in the central location surrounded by all primary Tbilisi points. Unique neighborhood can endlessly list the important city attractions and infrastructural sites that can be accessed within couple of minutes from residences.