New Year offer

King David has an exciting update to share! New Year offers with a theme “Unordinary 2018” have been launched, which grant potential clients with a possibility to purchase their desired residences through special New Year offer with a 20-months internal interest-free installment payment; at an initial stage, 1 % of the total cost shall be paid and additionally, clients will receive a special discount of 8 %. Upon purchasing apartments, residents can start renovation works and can move in even before full payment for the apartment. Kind David has already been accepted and will welcome the first residents in winter.

King David is the first multifunctional complex in Georgia that has successfully cultivated a precedent of constructing skyscrapers in Tbilisi.  It represents a hotel-style complex with the most picturesque views over Tbilisi and full spectrum of services, which enable residents with a unique possibility to have a business, entertainment and leisure environment in the same building.

Kind David’s 40% of the total space is infrastructure. The respective project unites two independent buildings, one of the towers has 32 and another one 19 floors. The tallest tower is King David Residences and this is where residential spaces are located, the lower tower is King David Business Center and is a home to the A-class business center. Kind David fully complies with the standards and rules of the 5-star lifestyle.