New Investment Opportunities at the King David Hotel Complex

The King David management team is offering hotel-type apartments sized 41 m2 and above for sale. Demand for apartments of the aforementioned size is high, as the location and the highly developed infrastructure of the complex helps buyers obtain stable and growing income from renting out their property. On average, return on the investment in an apartment can be obtained within 5 to 6 years. Apartments can be reserved with a down payment of 5%.

The King David concept fully satisfies the demands of customers who prioritise time and quality of life. They can take advantage of an exclusive location which combines a class-A business centre, a hotel, residential properties, restaurants and a health and leisure zone, creating all necessary conditions for living, doing business, relaxing and entertainment.

The residential section of the multifunctional complex (KDR) has been completed. Approximately 87% of the King David Business Centre is occupied. The KG Café can accommodate up to 300 guests, while other facilities include the Sky Hall conference room, the Italian bar/restaurant XVII • Seventeen and the common workspace KD4US, which is designed for up to 120 people.