People, Safety & Quality are more than a priority. They are a Value.



Two multifunctional towers of King David are designed with finest construction materials and innovative technologies.

During each stage of development - construction process and building materials were methodically checked and inspected before proceeding. With depth of 1.8 meters, massive reinforced concrete tiles serve as firm foundation, on the solid argillite rock, that has received geological rating as high as - 7th category.

Working on façade was carried out by design group Schüco in Germany, with utter precision and characteristic discipline. The towers have seismic rating of 8B and are equipped with maximum wind protection.

The Testing of building construction and quality of concrete was performed by international company “SGS”. SGS is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of Inspection, testing, certification and verification.

Secondary testing of ferro concrete construction’s grade was conducted by British company "ENVIROMENTAL SCIENTIFIC GROUP"(ESG), which also is one of the leading providers of testing, inspection and compliance services, with comprehensive solutions in Infrastructure.

Testing of the faced was conducted in Schuko Technological Center, in city of Bielefeld, Germany. Tests were conducted in accordance to DIN and EN standards ( DIN-Deutsches Intitut fuer Normen. EN -Europeische Normen).

Whole building is equipped with the most effective central heating, air conditioning and ventilating systems.

The façade is composed of triplex type glass-packets produced by famed American company Guardian.

Six elevators of Kleemann brand are installed for secure and comfort movement through the building.

Comprehensive planning and smart solutions have insured the towers to be 30% more energy-effective.

King David provides unlimited supply of utilities and infrastructural system.

We reiterate, you will live in one and most progressive buildings ever built in Tbilisi.



King David takes its place in the central location surrounded by all primary Tbilisi points. Unique neighborhood can endlessly list the important city attractions and infrastructural sites that can be accessed within couple of minutes from residences.